• Antiqued copper dangle earring hand forged with double ring drops
  • Colorful copper cuff simple unisex bracelet hammered metalwork jewelry
  • Rustic copper pendant necklace, primitive hammered metal with pearl on handmade chain
  • Sterling silver hand forged dangle earrings with hammered spiral swirls
  • Minimalist bangle bracelet, hand forged copper unisex jewelry

Love the look and feel of handcrafted artisan jewelry and decor? Boho rustic style seasoned with a pinch of magic?

Welcome to Rough Magic Creations! Come right in. Explore.

All Rough Magic Creations are our original designs, each piece individually crafted by our own hands in our studio-workshop overlooking the rockbound coast of Down East Maine.

Why Rough Magic? Shakespeare! At the close of The Tempest, the shipwrecked magician Prospero lays aside his "rough magic." As our copper craftsman Joe is descended from a voyager on the very boat that inspired the play, we're convinced that a bit of Prospero's art has found its way to the beach right outside our window.